Jeff McCullough

Jeff is the visionary behind the sound and production of each Tree Hill Collective song. Jeff owns and operates Tree Hill Media in Escondido, California, where he makes music for artists in all genres and contributes greatly to the thriving indie Christian music scene in SoCal. Jeff’s network of artists and studio players, not to mention his ProTools HD driven studio and instrumental and arrangement talents are the heart and soul of the unique production that Tree Hill Collective brings to each song we produce. In addition to numerous artists, Jeff’s credits include the production of over 250 Maranatha! Music songs over several years. Jeff and his wife Christina have 2 kids. Jeff studied at the Berklee College of Music and his motto is “I love to see dreams come true”.  Vist Jeff at

Mark Snyder

Mark was inspired to begin the  project after sending few demos of his songs to worship leader Holland Davis, who urged him to work with others to get them to sound their best. This led him to connect with Jeff McCullough, and together they hatched the idea of an entirely song-focused worship music project that would give a voice to songwriters who otherwise might not have one.  Mark is a veteran weekend warrior with over 15 years of lay worship leading for both children and adults to his credit, mostly within Calvary Chapel churches in Phoenix and Albuquerque.  He and his wife Roseanne currently lead worship for a small group at their home church of Palmcroft Baptist in Phoenix.  Mark has a catalog of over 50 songs to lend to the THC project, and he penned all 5 songs on the “Your Word” debut project. He is also active in local area songwriting circles and on online songwriting forums. Mark works as a software engineer when he is not worship leading or songwriting, and is proud to have served 9 years as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force.