Tree Hill Collective is the outpouring of redeemed hearts to give glory to a living God and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Everything we do is dedicated to bringing the best we can offer back to God and for the benefit of His worshiping church.  We are a group of Christ’s redeemed, joined together in Him for the purpose of offering our very best for the edification of His church.We are a network of songwriters, independent artists, and music industry professionals who exist to create and share the very best worship songs and to craft and make freely available all of the resources the church needs to use them.

In the face of a changing music industry, Tree Hill Collective is dedicated to offering our products through as many emerging and traditional means as possible while keeping maximum flexibility for the musicians and songwriters who create them.  We offer a catalog of fresh, effective worship songs with a variety of resources:

Professional recordings designed to share songs and to resource worship bands large and small:

  • Sheet music
  • Videos
  • Multitracks and split tracks
  • Song stories and suggestions for use
  • Wide availability of resources through many digital distribution outlets

THC is entirely song focused.  Songs are sourced from churches, from the web, by word of mouth, and from artist contributors, and developed as necessary to make them shine via a thorough application of the song writing craft.  Songs are chosen with:

  • Lyrical and theological integrity.  THC operates in submission to worship pastors who help us ensure theological integrity of all lyrics
  • Usefulness to the widest possible variety of church settings
  • Memorable melodies
  • Simplicity and authenticity
  • Existing or potential church impact